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Deborah Jenkins

Deborah Jenkins

Chair of the Board

Deborah joins the NCFE as Chair in December 2017.
Deborah runs her own consultancy (Kindling Ltd) which delivers project creation, consultancy and facilitation, exploring better ways of working together.

First as Chair since its creation in 1991, and then since 2006 as CEO, Deborah has run The Derwent Initiative (TDI). TDI are a small independent charity based in Newcastle upon Tyne which aims to reduce the risk of sexual offending. Providing a pragmatic, partnership approach to risk reduction and creating and operating public protection schemes.

Deborah is also Visiting Professor on Leadership to the University of Newcastle and has held Non-Executive Director roles such as Chair of the Barnard Castle Vision Partnership, Chair of the South Tees Hospitals Foundation Trust, Independent Chair of the Northern Neonatal Network, Vice Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission, Chaired the AllTalk FM North East bid for North East commercial radio franchise The Wireless Group, and was Board member of the Northern Community of Interest and Decision making among other roles.

Deborah was awarded the MBE in 1995 for services to urban regeneration and the North East Alternative Business Person of the Year in 2011.

Deborah co-founded and held various Director Roles at Common Purpose, the national charity running leadership programmes for city decision-makers aimed at improving active citizenship and strategic direction, based on the US model. Deborah developed and ran programmes for senior urban leaders in Tyneside, Teesside, County Durham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, then set up independent Civilia companies for Germany and Sweden, running programmes in Hanover (Germany) and Orebro (Sweden) with development in Berlin, Prague, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, The Hague and Budapest. During her time at Common Purpose, Deborah wrote an impact study commissioned by Baring Foundation in 2000.

Deborah is married and lives in County Durham with her husband, but also spends time in Newcastle and Nice in the South of France, where she and her husband like to take time out by being honorary Nicois and pick up many generation and other ideas that they can use in their work.

Deborah has a lifelong interest in domesticity, which she tries to find time for and greatly enjoys spending time with her family.

Deborah joins us as Chair of the NCFE Board following 8 years as Chair at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust.

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Roz Cuschieri

Roz Cuschieri

Board Member

Roz is a CEO and Non-Executive Director with a passion for growing brands, people and business. She operates at board level with Plc, family and private companies. 

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