Malta centre encourages women back into work

Up until a few years ago, Malta had a very low percentage of women in the labour market. The CACHE courses in child care and elderly care which Future Focus runs have created opportunities for many women to return to work. 

Future Focus is owned by Rosanne Galea and is based in Floriana, Malta just outside Valletta and today it is the only private training organisation in Malta offering this training. Most of the successful students find employment or even open their own child care centres.

Future Focus offers training in many subjects including health and social care. There are around 500 students per year, 50% are from other countries. Maltese students come to study to enhance their career prospects while foreigners come to Malta to experience first-hand high quality training on a Mediterranean island with moderate climate all the year round. Rosanne Galea, director of Future Focus says:

"I recommend CACHE. This body provides support and ensures that Future Focus provides high quality training. There is a process of internal and external verification; this is important as the more professional we are, the better it is for our students. Ultimately, it is the children and their parents who benefit most from high quality training."

"We find the resources very good and the support excellent. Also, CACHE offers a range of programmes that are kept up to date with industry requirements and this is appreciated by our clients."


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